#FriendlyFriday - Aimee Reid

I am thrilled to bring my fellow PBBC author, Aimee Reid, back to #FriendlyFriday! Now I've introduced you to Aimee before, and you can click here if you need a refresher, but today she's back with a brand new picture!! Are you ready to hear about First Morning Sun?

A tender, lyrical celebration of all the wonderful firsts in a little one’s life, from the first morning sun to first shaky steps to the first day of preschool and everything in between. From the very first sunrise for a new baby, life is full of wonder and discovery. Every little one learns to laugh, learns to talk, takes first steps, and eventually goes to school and makes new friends. All these milestones are celebrated in this joyful, rhyming text that is perfect for read-aloud sharing.

So if you have a new little one, or need a gift for that little one in your life, I highly recommend grabbing a copy of First Morning Sun. And don't forget to stop by Aimee's website to peruse her backlist picture books.


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