#FriendlyFriday - Sayer Kirk

Welcome back to another #FriendlyFriday, where I tell you all about my fabulous friends and what brilliant things that they are up to!

I met this child way back in 2013, when I was visiting a school in Burlington, NC. Two of my best friends from grade school, Matt & Margo, were living there, and their daughter, Sayer, attended this awesome private school which Margo managed to book me for the entire day. I had a BLAST. That night they had a Halloween carnival -- I’d had such a great time with all the kids that I really wanted to hang out with them more. And since I’m a princess 365 days a year, I dressed up as the Wicked Witch.

Once again, we had SO MUCH FUN.

After the event Sayer friended me on Instagram and I didn’t think much of it. So many kids keep in touch for a while, and then fall off the radar. I love having them as best friends for the short while they stay in touch—I’m always a little sad (but never surprised) when they grow up and move on.

But Sayer was different. I watched Sayer grow up, graduate, get accepted to college, become an activist, shift pronouns to non-binary...and I cheered them on every step of the way. I was honored to have been a part of that child’s life for one fun evening so many years ago, and I always enjoyed having this window into their world.

Recently, they posted this pic we took at the event (I wish it wasn’t so blurry!) and wrote me a personal note about how much my encouragement meant to them all these years. I was so touched! And even more…they were pursuing creative writing because I had inspired them!

Pretty sure that message made me cry.

So you can imagine how INCREDIBLY PROUD I AM to announce that Sayer’s first poetry book is now available to the world! And you all need to buy one right now. Because Sayer is 100% one of my fairy godkids. We all should support their shiny good work!


Princess Alethea