#FriendlyFriday - Maurice Broaddus

Welcome back to another #FriendlyFriday, where I tell you all about my fabulous friends and what brilliant things that they are up to!

If you've spent any amount of time with me then you have heard today's friend's name many times over. Maurice Broaddus has been a dear friend to me for many years, and is someone I go to often for sage advice, which he never fails to give me. But not only does he give great advice, he also writes AH-MAZING stories. Today I'm thrilled to tell you about his latest literary accomplishment, Sweep of Stars, the first book in his brand new series, Astra Black!

Are you ready to hear more about it?

"The beauty in blackness is its ability to transform. Like energy we are neither created nor destroyed, though many try." - West African Proverb The Muungano empire strived and struggled to form a utopia when they split away from old earth. Freeing themselves from the endless wars and oppression of their home planet in order to shape their own futures and create a far-reaching coalition of city-states that stretched from Earth and Mars to Titan. With the wisdom of their ancestors, the leadership of their elders, the power and vision of their scientists and warriors they charted a course to a better future. But the old powers could not allow them to thrive and have now set in motion new plots to destroy all that they've built. In the fire to come they will face down their greatest struggle yet. Amachi Adisa and other young leaders will contend with each other for the power to galvanize their people and chart the next course for the empire. Fela Buhari and her elite unit will take the fight to regions not seen by human eyes, but no training will be enough to bring them all home. Stacia Chikeke, captain of the starship Cypher, will face down enemies across the stars, and within her own vessel, as she searches for the answers that could save them all.

Described by Publishers Weekly as a "powerful, sweeping Afrofuturist space opera", you know I've already ordered my copy, and if you're ready to order yours too, click here! And as always, make sure to stop by Maurice's website to checkout his other titles. From space opera to middle grade novels, he has a little something for all ages!


Princess Alethea